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New House Building Up 160% 2012-05-25

On May 24th, Iwate Prefecture for the second time since the March 11th tsunami and earthquake gathered statistics on the disaster recovery situation called the Recovery Index. Debris removal has advanced from the removal phase to the disposal phase and it is estimated that 9.8% of the 5,250,000 tons of debris has been disposed of up until this moment. The number of new houses being built has increased 160% year-on-year and public work contracts has increased by 449.5%. Despite this the amount of fish landings at local fish markets is averaging only 55.2% of the past three years and is urgently in need of industrial revitalization.

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Submitted By:- Sachiko
Origin of Article :- 岩手日報 5月25日2012年
Date of article :- 2012-05-25
Category :- Economics
Sub category :- Abenomics
Translated By :- N/A
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