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Rikuzentakata plans for 2014 completion of rescue center 2013-06-18

A plan has been put in place for a new rescue center in Rikuzentakada City to help aid victims of the Tohoku earthquake.

To utilize the full potential of what has been learned from the earthquake and to employ various disaster prevention functions, the total floor space of the new rescue center has been guaranteed to be four times the size of the government building that suffered damage in the earthquake.


The completion of the construction of the building, which will be improved upon by developing on higher ground, is scheduled for March of 2014.


Rebuilding of the public facilities is the city's main focus, as well as maintaining the momentum of the restoration.


Rikuzentakada's current Fire Fighting and Disaster Prevention Center is developing to maintain the recovery project in the city's west business district.  


The area, which will host the new complex, is approximately 7,000 square meters.


The facilities include quake-absorbing structures made of reinforced concrete. Amongst the plans are a two-story, 1600 square meter government office building, and a 1400 square meter, five-story, earthquake resistant building.


A parking lot with 120 parking spaces as well as training area for the handling techniques of fire pump equipment is also in the plans.


Preparations are in place for the government building to include a disaster prevention training room that can accommodate 100 people and act as the headquarters for disaster control in times of crisis.


The above picture is a depiction of what the rescue center in Rikuzentakada will look like upon its completion.

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Submitted By:- Kyle
Origin of Article :- Iwate Nippo
Date of article :- 2013-06-18
Category :- Tohoku Region
Sub category :- Tohoku Economy
Translated By :- Kyle Undem
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