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Fujitsu and others launching “Smart Community” project in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukshima Prefecture 2013-06-26

Fujitsu, Aizuwakamatsu City and Tohoku Electric Company have announced they are launching the “Aizuwakamatsu Region Smart Community Promotion Project”. The project, an initiative focused on reconstruction of the region affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, is aimed at creating a smart community in the Aizuwakamatsu region of Fukushima Prefecture.


The initiative is receiving funding as a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) project and will run from April 2013 to March 2016.


In order to deliver a Smart Community, the project will not simply introduce renewable energy, but also realise a community resistant to disasters and, by promoting employment, one that is pleasant for residents. The ability to do this is considered important, as is establishing structures and systems that are able to operate independently and sustainably. Specifically, it will promote the following three projects, centred on the Energy Control Centre (ECC), which is working towards the use of renewable energy.


1. Establishing of the ECC


Revealing the state of regional renewal energy generation; introducing a large scale “Yukikunigata” solar park able to operate all year round (Fuji Green Power, a fully-owned subsidiary of Fuji Electric, is planning the park’s installation and is due to submit an additional application this year).


Regional renewable energy generation; management of heat supply facilities and provision of regional information services.

Low-pressure demand-response service provision for ECC customers.


2. Community heat supply using biomass resources


Creation of a regional supply model for renewable energy created from biomass and other resources (construction has been put on hold during the planning stage).


Promotion of local production and consumption of biomass energy.


3. Solar power generation/ coordinating battery promotion with regional disaster prevention measures


Securing and maintaining the functionality of disaster prevention facilities through the effective use of electric vehicles as mobile batteries.


Fujitsu will manage the project as a whole, as well as establishing an energy control centre in cooperation with Tohoku Electric. Aizuwakamatsu City will address the securing of energy supply through use of electric vehicles in the event of a disaster, and will also undertake local production of biomass energy for local consumption.


Through these initiatives, they are aiming to establish structures and systems that can manage renewable energy independently and continuously, and to achieve a Smart Community. In the future, they intend to expand into the rest of the prefecture, in order to contribute to the reconstruction of Fukushima as a whole.


Up until now, the three bodies have been moving towards the creation of a Smart Community, in accordance with the “Fukushima Prefecture Reconstruction Plan” and Aizuwakamatsu’s “Regional Dynamism Revival Initiative”.  The objectives are the realisation of an eco-friendly, low-carbon society, regional revitalisation, new industry creation and a pioneering community, resistant to disasters and pleasant for residents. Now, with the news that METI has granted their subsidy application for the “Aizuwakamatsu Region Smart Community Promotion Project”, they have embarked on the project.


The “Fukushima Prefecture Reconstruction Plan” indicates specific initiatives and was based on the “Fukushima Prefecture Reconstruction Vision”, compiled on the 11th August 2011, which brought together basic principles and key measures for reconstruction in the prefecture.


The “Regional Dynamism Revival Initiative” brings together Aizuwakamatsu City’s aim of creating “Smart City Aizuwakamatsu” with its reconstruction efforts to combat the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear power plant disaster.


The “Aizuwakamatsu Region Smart Community Promotion Project” aims to introduce in an innovative way more energy efficient, Smart Communities to Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, the 3 prefectures affected by the Triple Disaster. It supports the creation of disaster-resistant Smart Communities centred on the use of renewable energy.


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Submitted By:- Laurence
Origin of Article :- Kankyo Business Online
Date of article :- 2013-06-26
Category :- News
Sub category :- Renewables
Translated By :- Laurence NewberyPayton
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