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No applications from townspeople in participation for solar power generation 2013-06-30

The circumstances have become unclear as to whether citizen participation in small-scale solar power generation will take its first step in Kami City, Miyagi.

The establishment and management of the solar power generation rests in the hands of the business leaders, but even though the 25th deadline is fast approaching, there has not been any progress.


It is unusual within the prefecture to solicit investments from the taxpayers for the purpose of selling excess electricity.


Earning income in the solar power generation boom has recently increased, and therefore creating quite a stir.


The implementation process will be anything but easy.


A 2000 square meter facility is being planned with funding being lent to the business leaders by the city. 


The power plant will have an output of 250 to 400 kilowatts and is being built for the city.


The total operating expenses are around 100 million yen with construction planned to commence next April.  The business leaders will make the final decisions this July.


The business leaders, who are inviting financial contributions for the project, are facing their greatest challenge of obtaining enough money for the construction costs.


The business leaders are selling electric power to the Tohoku region, with the proceeds returning to the investors.


The opinions of the benefits of solar power to the region from the local people remain largely varied.


As of June 4, proposals have been accepted.


The anticipation of the city is to improve its image through these achievements and it also expects business to develop.


One reason for the zero applications is that the business leaders' requirements have gone up.


Registration will be no small hurdle.


Sakata City's plan to have their green system solar generation plant up and running this July will take time and money, according to the company's president, Ono Bushi.


While the same firm is planning to finance from the taxpayers, they need to register nearly half a year from now. The annual written report related to submission expenses is one reason to abandon the project.


A revision is being made to how the sales, marketing, and ownership of each solar panel is presented to the townspeople.


Collecting capital is also becoming an issue.


To provide the total operating costs of around 100 million Yen, it still needs to cover 1000 units, but the city says it is no longer leaving it up to the business peoples' methods and suggestions.


However, domestically there has been success.


Iida City's (Nagano Prefecture) campaign for promoting solar energy progress started in 2004 and collected roughly 200 million yen of capital from the townspeople and local corporations.


Iida City is teaming up with a corporate partner, and is greatly considering donating to help support solar generation within its public facilities.


The firm's president said if the citizens see how cooperative the administration is being, they will be able to contribute to the financing with less worries.


Kami City's outlook remains optimistic, and the overall impression is that the project will undoubtedly continue to make progress.


And yet, mistakes are apt to happen. 


Supposing that, the applications will be put on pause this time around, and the issues will be reorganized to create public appeal.  Furthermore, settling on an initiative will be necessary.


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Submitted By:- Kyle
Origin of Article :- Kahoku News
Date of article :- 2013-06-30
Category :- Energy
Sub category :- Renewables
Translated By :- Kyle Undem
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