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Fujitsu to start a project of produce low potassium vegetables 2013-07-21

The Fujitsu group converts the clean room of the semiconductor factory in Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima led by Fujitsu home & office service Co., Ltd. and starts proof business of the large-scale plant factory of the low potassium vegetables which utilized "meal, agriculture cloud Akisai" (Aki rhinoceros).
The proof area plans the end of March, 2014 from July, 2013 during Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima, the period, and the production scale anticipates 3, 500 stocks on a day. The implementation area of 2, 000 square meters becomes largest domestically for a plant factory cultivating low potassium vegetables.
The patient who is subject to an artificial dialysis patient, intake restrictions of potassium including the chronic kidney disease patient cannot eat vegetables raw, and demand to the cultivation of low vegetables of the potassium content increases.
I keep a cultivation technology and the knowledge of the low potassium vegetables which Aizu Fuji processing Co., Ltd. and Akita Prefectural College have alive, and the Fujitsu home & office service produces a low leaf lettuce of the potassium content experimentally from October, 2013 and is going to ship a mass production from January, 2014.
The company keeps know-how of calculation and the various germs management of the most suitable production condition that I cultivated in the clean room of the semiconductor manufacturing facility of the associated companies alive and cultivates low potassium vegetables and keeps know-how of infrastructure supply and the energy saving management to the semiconductor manufacturing facility alive and aims at maintenance and supply of the infrastructure environment that is most suitable for the cultivation of low potassium vegetables, the realization of the saving energy.
In addition, I raise productivity to perform overall management from production to the circulation effectively by utilizing meal, agriculture cloud "Akisai" of the company and measure the supply to the consumers who accepted the demand for low potassium vegetables by utilizing the delivery markets such as articles for freshness delivery to home and pharmaceutical products, elderly people, and it is expected that I realize the establishment of the distribution channel.
This proof business of revival agency and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "2013 tip agriculture is industrial; following the fact that was adopted as system proof business", cooperation cooperates, and consortium to constitute in Fujitsu group, Aizu Fuji processing Co., Ltd., public university corporation Fukushima Medical College carries it out.
"It is ICT to the future of a rich meal, and meal, agriculture cloud Akisai (秋彩) of Fujitsu develops effective service to bind the circulation, an area, consumers of the agriculture whole together by utilization of the ICT (information and communication technology) in the shop floor in a concept by contribution".

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Submitted By:- Yumeca
Origin of Article :- Kankyo Business Online
Date of article :- 2013-07-21
Category :- Energy
Sub category :- Renewables
Translated By :- Yumeka Kato
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