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Japan: MSF Supports Construction and Rehabilitation of Temporary Clinics 2012-05-12

Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has begun to support the construction of two temporary clinics in the northeast of Japan, where the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami completely destroyed existing primary healthcare facilities. MSF has been in the northeast area since the March 11 disaster. While the government’s recovery efforts continue, it will be several years before permanent medical facilities are rebuilt. The temporary clinics are expected to be used for three to five years, or until permanent facilities are ready. In Minami Sanriku, Miyagi prefecture, MSF will assist with the design, construction, and equipment of a primary-level clinic that will serve the local population of 23,000. In the town of Taro in Iwate prefecture, north of Minami Sanriku, MSF will assist in the refurbishment and equipping of a similar clinic located in a hotel. Kunio Yamazumi, an architect working with MSF, has visited the proposed sites and will support and supervise the construction process. “We have submitted our plans for the facilities in Taro and Minami Sanriku and are working closely with local medical authorities to ensure the two clinics meet the needs of the local population,” Yamazumi said. In Minami Sanriku, the proposed clinic would offer outpatient facilities, as well as dental, pediatric, and ear, nose and throat services. The clinic in Taro would offer general outpatient services and basic examination facilities. MSF also delivered two 30-seat buses to authorities in Minami Sanriku to help transport patients from evacuation centers and temporary housing to medical facilities. In the town of Taro, MSF delivered a vehicle specifically designed to transport disabled patients.

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