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Community Living Space 2012-06-23
Submitted By:- Owen Rosa
Sponsor :- NPO Riku Cafe
Purpose :- The building will be mainly used as a café alongside a meeting space and a multipurpose space. It will be designed to allow variety of usage.
:- Not Available
Description :- It is with great pleasure that I take this chance to offer you a great opportunity to become a valuable sponsor of Community Living Space Project in Rikuzentakata. We have been organizing this project to create a place for the locals to gather and relax and to rebuild the community in Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture, which has been severely affected by last year’s Great Eastern Earthquake and the tsunami.
The city of Rikuzentakata was devastated and has lost the place for residents to gather and talk. I myself lost my clinic where I was the manager and my house. In collaboration with other dentists and pharmacists who were affected by the calamity, we built temporary buildings at our own expenses*1 in May 2011 and have been running a medical congregation. Meantime, in January 2012, we started Riku Café in the same block in response to requests from the community for “a place where everyone can gather easily = community living space” with the help from businesses and universities. The café is managed by local women and has become a relaxing space in town. It is used as a place to enjoy conversations over cups of tea and coffee, as waiting rooms for clinics, pharmacies, and buses, and as a rental place to hold events. In addition, volunteers from outside of Iwate gather here to exchange information.
At the moment, the café has a very limited space of 35 square meters (376 square feet). With the increasing popularity, we are running out of space and lacking facilities such as kitchen. Also, because our current café is a “temporary building” it needs to be removed within 21 months.*2 With this current situation, we believe it absolutely necessary to build a permanent building for Riku Café as soon as possible.
This project is a pilot program on establishment of a new public space led by the private sector. The construction and the following management will be recorded together with researchers at universities. This project will become the example of community rebuilding and urban planning during the reconstruction period from a natural disaster. The entire world would benefit tremendously from your generosity. Thank you for your support in advance.
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