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The Philanthropy section gives members of Rebuilding Tohoku an opportunity to introduce projects that are working towards helping rebuild and better the conditions in the Tohoku region of Japan.  This site is not fundraising for any of these projects and is not acting as an intermediary between possible donors and projects, but what we are trying to create is a medium for those interested in learning about projects currently going on in both Japan and around the world. Our goal is to provide a description of the projects and information about their organizers so readers can reach out to these groups and support them through monetary donations or get directly involved.






Current Projects
Community Living Space 2012-06-23
Purpose:The building will be mainly used as a café alongside a meeting space and a multipu...
Sponsor:NPO Riku Cafe
Link :Not Available
It is with great pleasure that I take this chance to offer you a great opportunity to become a valuable sponsor of Community Living Space Project in Rikuzentakata. We have been organizing this project to create a place for the locals to gather and relax and to rebuild the communi...